FLASH Multi-functional Portable
Aqueous Hydrogen Generator
Portable/Multi-functional/Envuronmental/Safe and reliable
Small size, lightr weight, easy to carry,
best suit for traveling
FLASH’sweight is less than 25 kg,which is convenient to carry.
It realize the dream of mobile generator for camping, accommodation and
traveling etc.The whole FLASH includes One slow charging USB,two quick
charging USB,portable refrigerator,electric fan camping lamp and ENECO stereo.
FLASH will make your journry more comfortable and enjoyable.
With push-button start,Easy to operate
FLASH is Equipped with four external expansion slots,three
USB ports, two quick charging USB ports,one slow charging
USB port,It can supply several loads at the same time
A push-button start
Four external 
expansion slots
One slow
charging USB port
Two quick
charging USB ports
FLASH is safe and reliable
ENECO provides stable power for you
5kg aqueous hydrogen fuel can produce 5 kilowatt-hours power
The audio frequency of FLASH is less
than 50 decibels,it is like silent night.
The product of FLASH is only water,
it is real health,real environmental protection.
Product parameters
Product model FLASH
Additional equipments One slow charging USB,two quick
Charging USB,portable
Refrigerator,electric fan,camping
Lamp and ENECO stereo.
Weight On-board version 25kg,portable
Version 16kg
size 380*190*490mm
Operating environment <50db
System noist <2min
Communication interface Indoor and outdoor
Installation environment Good ventilation,-20˚C~+45˚C
With certification,We are trustworthy
The third-party report
Enterprise standards
Science and technology
novelty retrieval report
National patent