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Our Team
Energy ecology have inheritance Dr.Xiang Hua team water hydrogen technology and combined with the world’s leading fuel cell experience.Committed to the field of cmmmunication base stations and other research and development and promotion of new energy power generation equipment,solve the energy and ecological problems for the mission .At the same time we have a class research team from a university institutions,such as tsinghua University,Shanghai Jiaotong University,fudan University,South China University of Technology,wegive the best solution for the communications and consumer energy problems.
Our History
Guangdong ENECO science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013,Which is high-tech enterprise,under the leadership of Dr.Xiang Hua an his team using aqueous hydrogen technolongy theory as the coer,is committed to the technology decelopment and application of communication base stations and other erlated fields
Characteristics Of Our Team
The Eagle Spirit
We have confidence and march forward bravely.
The Wolf Culture
Stay together,Joint efforts,win-win strategy
ENECO has the world-leading aqueous hydrogen technology,We are customer-oriented and market-centered, and committed to become the world leading New Energy Company!