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Introduction of our case
ENECO procides efficient power solutions to solve the persistent non-power problems
In Guangzhou,Dongguan,Huizhou and other regions,not only significantly reducing their
expenditure of maintenance and repair,but also greatly enhance the communication base
seation reliability and resistance to disaster.
Two2.5KW units of MRFC-2 in parallel for
Dongguan Chashan telecom base station
From February 8.2016-present
Running for 194 days (total 4.656 h)
Uninterrupted power supply power is 23.280 KWH
Two 2.5KW  units of MRFC_PS3 in parallel for
Guangzhou  Zengcheng Shapu  telecom base staion
Form January 7,2016- present
Running   for 246  days (total  5,564 h)
Uninter rupted  power supply   power  is  27820 KWH
One 2.5kW unit of MRFC-2for
Huizhou Huidong telecom base station
From January24,2016 – February 4,2016
Running for 12 days (total 288 h)
Uninterrupted power supply power is 720 KWH
Two 2.5kW units of MRFC -2 in parallel for
Guangzhou Zengcheng Xiangshang telecom base station
From December 19, 2015 – January 4, 2016
Running for 17 days (total 408 h)
Uninterrupted power supply power is 2.040 KWH